This game is almost completed. But it needs your help! Many of the design decisions have yet to be made. Play as a ____________ and make your way through _______ to save the _______! Along the way you may encounter some ________.... so be careful!

Your choices are needed! Help finish the game! Have fun! :)


  • Navigate menus using your MOUSE


This is a game I made in order to introduce young kids to game development. With this game my hope is that when younger kids play it they will realize that PEOPLE create games by making decisions and being creative. I'm planning on using this game as a way to spark conversation with kids in the classroom and ultimately inspire those with an interest in video games. Shout out to my teacher friend Mr. Dilly - who helped me with phrasing things in such a way that 1st graders would understand them. Making this game was really fun. I created all of the art, sounds, music, code, and even voice over. It was fun to explore player choice- something that I will continue to do. (Hey, this probably isn't the final version of this...) I hope you enjoy!

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AuthorBrad Kraeling
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Creative, Cute, Experimental, Meaningful Choices, Relaxing, Short, Unity

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a unicorn that saves the world from jumping evil apples. dope,im still mentally a kid

haha!!!! That's absolutely fantastic!!!! :) Yeah unicorn is probably my fav. I'm all about unicorn+alien+hamburger. 

yess this time i did a cat that saves the hamburger from jumping apples ( again lol )

im sad you can jump on the hamburger tho:(   

I made a game where you are a unicorn in space who needs to save a hamburger from aliens. Pretty neat, I can imagine kids liking this.

Thank you for your feedback! It's great to here especially since young kids are the target demographic (currently) there's still a few things I'm probably going to try out with this project as well. :D

This is so cool!

Thank you very much!!! :D I appreciate your comment.