Create-A-Game is now available to play!!!

Create-A-Game is now publicly available!!!

Hello! This is a small project I have been working on that I'd love to share with you! This is 'Create-A-Game' - an experience that isn't finished until I get your help! 

I wanted to create a simple little game that leans on player choices. Instead of a branching story line- this game's focus is to allow the player to directly see 2D platformer impact based on decisions. This game's original purpose is to go along with other curriculum material to introduce game development to young students (1st grade). The hope is that by making gameplay decisions kids will realize on a high level that video games are made by creative people that make creative decisions. I worked with a teacher friend of mine with the goal of bringing this game into classrooms and sparking conversation about computer science and development in a fun, exciting way. 

So... it was made for 1st graders- but hey, it's fun for all ages! 

There is still A LOT I have planned for this. I just wanted to get this out in the world in preparation for an expo I'm showing the game off at. I wanted parents to be able to find the game online in case kids wanted to play it after the show. 

"Hey Brad! Cool thing. How can I support it?"

Oh thanks! Honestly the best thing you could do is make sure you are following me on twitter! In the future I'll be releasing more cool projects that you'll want to see. Some will be free- but I'm also hoping to start my first commercial project soon. I would love your support in cheering me on in my development dreams. Also- there is a way to donate to my development cause on the game's page if you feel so inclined - but seriously don't feel obligated to. :D

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Feb 08, 2020

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