Employee #3296,

We are happy to have you aboard the team here at Snexus Technologies. Your Orientation Coordinator, Lauren, is ready to assist you in with our onboarding process. It is incredibly important that you do exactly what she says and nothing else

You were hired to follow instructions- not to think for yourself. 

A Swift and Successful Onboarding is a game about choice. Will you follow instructions or will you follow the breadcrumbs? Things may not be as they appear at this E-Commerce company. Multiple endings may help you uncover the truth... Made in a week for Weekly Game Jam - Week 142.


Brad Kraeling - Programming, Story 
Erin Stearns - Story, Art, Sound


Katherine Tole

Egypt Archie 
Jackson Zupa

You can toggle subtitles in-game using the 'S' key.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date Apr 02, 2020
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
AuthorBrad Kraeling
GenreInteractive Fiction, Simulation, Visual Novel
Made withUnity
TagsMultiple Endings, Mystery, Narrative, Point & Click, Retro, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


ASwiftAndSuccessfulOnboarding.zip 67 MB

Install instructions

Download ASwiftAndSuccesfulOnboarding.zip
Extract file to a destination of your choice. 
Run 'A Swift and Successful Onboarding'
(Note: You may receive a window blocking you from playing it. You must click 'See more' and then the "Allow to Run" option will appear.)

Development log


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Thoroughly enjoyed ghosting Lauren and after quite a few playthroughs (and a lot of phones disappearing) I found four different endings. Not entirely sure what triggered one of them, as I couldn't make it happen again, but it was exciting it discover after so long.

LOL yes those phones have a habit of disappearing haha

Super glad you discovered all the endings!!! :)

Thanks so much for playing and posting! This game is super special to us and we're always happy to hear people's thoughts on it! :D

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Love it

:D yay

I absolutely LOVE this game!! It's different than the usual ones! :O

Thank you so much for letting us know! Yes we had a lot of fun making this and we're super happy that you enjoy the game. :) 

Hey, thanks for writing the game, absolutely love it. However, I've had some trouble playing on web (tried playing on two different pcs). It's kind of lagging and went black after 'thank you for playing'. Unfortunately I don't have a windows pc, and can't download it (ugh :( ) so I was wondering if there's a osx version of the game?

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Hello!!! I updated the game to be more performant on web! I also added a "Retry" Screen at the end! In the original the game exited, but in WebGL it doesn't exit. This will definitely help you play. :D

I don't actually have an OSX computer so it sadly makes testing impossible for me. D:

Let me know if you have any more troubles with the web version. :)

thanks a lot!! :D

Hey. I played your game and included it in a video. I like it. I got 3 different endings. :D If you want to cut your game out of the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make similar videos every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. Anyway, I enjoyed playing your game.

Haha! It was awesome seeing you react to the different endings. Really great thumbnail for the video too! Thanks very much for playing the game! :D Fantastic content. 

Thank you. I enjoyed it very much. :D I love such unique games.


Love this game! Is there a "true" ending? 


There is!!!! :) I'm honestly not sure if anyone has gotten it so far (without help) that I know of but it's definitely my favorite ending. I miiiggghhttt just have to put a few hints out there.

Hint: Daily reports are nice and noticable- but...

(Maybe a huge hint but it sounds kinda riddly so I'll roll with it. If anyone DMs me on Twitter I can tell you how to get it but I know some people love the challenge. You kind of have to think outside the box) 

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(SPOILERS AHEAD) (SPOILERS AHEAD) (SPOILERS AHEAD) Hey, is the true ending the ending where you (SPOILERS AHEAD) send the hidden files to fbi?


it is!!!! Yes I'm so glad you were able to find it!!!! :D 


wish i could skip through dialogue. it was nice the first few times, but after a while i just wanna get all the endings and know what lauren will say anyways. still, one of the better text-based games ive played in a while, cool retro aesthetic


Great feedback! I really appreciate it. I completely agree- after watching a few streamers play the game I realize the introduction is the only main part that can't be sped up through by choice- so I've been strongly considering making it skippable. Your comment really helps reaffirm my thoughts. I'm going to look into adding a "skip introduction" button that will appear after you play through the game once--- I will work on this later today so an update should be available 4/10. :) I will comment here when it's finished! Glad you enjoyed the game!!!


Alright! The update has gone live! :D Thank you again for the feedback. Now if anyone beats the game the next time they play again there is a new option to skip the introduction dialogue (which is the longest part) ---
However if you would like the option to skip the dialogue just activate the option by pressing the 'i' key any time before picking up Lauren's call for the first time. 

Thanks again! For a slightly more detailed version of this there is a update post on itch. 


thanks so much! ill check it out

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Wow! Glad to hear that we were able to create an immersive experience that you enjoyed multiple times!!! Thanks so much for making a video- it's always do much fun to watch what choices people make during their playthroughs. Also the thumbnail for the video is A+.

Super original and made me smile. Props to the voice actor, excellent work! Thanks for such a fun game!

Thanks so much for commenting! We're happy to hear the game made you smile! And yes Katherine really knocked it out of the park with voicing Lauren. It was awesome being able to make something with so many dialogue lines. :D 


please use text as well...



Hello! Thanks for commenting! 

Subtitles can be toggled on in game using the 'S' key while on the main computer desktop screen. :) We hope you enjoy the game! 

oh ok lol sorry



great work! the voice acting was amazing and i found myself laughing out loud a few times. i got myself immediately fired on my first playthrough and was a model worker on my second. can't wait to see what other endings are possible!


We're so happy to hear you enjoyed the game twice!!!! The other two endings are my personal favorites. If you need any hints feel free to dm me on Twitter or anything. :D thanks for the feedback!!! :)


This first day at work makes me uneasy... Maybe I shouldn't have desperately accepted the first job I found ^^

Great work ! I really get into the experience


Haha! We're so happy to hear you were able to get into the experience of the game! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. :)


Wow, really well done! The voice acting was great, and I actually found myself chuckling out loud on my playthrough! I'll have to come back and give it another whirl to see how it goes if I play it differently. MY termination was nearly as swift as my onboarding...

Great work. :)


So happy you had fun with it! :) It was a blast to make and its warmed my heart being able to hear players enjoy it!