A Swift(er) way to explore different endings!


We are so happy to see people really diving deep with "A Swift and Successful Onboarding". Many of you have been trying out different approaches and getting different endings which is something we absolutely love to see! 

After receiving feedback and watching a few streamers play the game we have decided to add a way to skip Lauren's introduction monologue to those who have beat the game before! With the new build if you beat the game and play again when you pick up the phone to talk to Lauren a new button "SKIP INTRO" can be seen at the right hand corner. This will skip the game forward to the CONTRACT section! This will save you a lot of time - and for streamers it will keep your viewers more engaged as they won't have to watch the intro over and over. 

For those that have ALREADY BEAT THE GAME ON EARLIER BUILDS that want to be able to skip it:

At the beginning of the game at any time before you pick up Lauren's call press the 'i' key on your keyboard. This will add the function to skip the intro into your game! :D Now you can explore and try to find the 4 different endings much easier! 

We hope for your continued support, feedback, and playthroughs! Also if anyone streams the game or makes a YouTube video please let us know! :D


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Apr 10, 2020
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Apr 10, 2020

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