NONESSENTIAL, a story about Mental Health, is now released!

Hey everyone! 
This is NONESSENTIAL. A project I've been working on for about a week for the Jamming The Curve game jam! 
It was a really unique experience creating a game that deals with real-life themes of mental health and life during a pandemic. 
I really wanted to create an emotional experience about human connection and I believe I accomplished my goal. :D 
In this game you will chat with Nathan, a friend who is going through some life struggles, and help him through some of his troubles. 

This game contains strong language as well as themes of depression, anxiety, COVID-19, and memes that will age very poorly. Haha
I really hope this game will be able to help someone know they aren't alone in their struggles. 

Thanks so much for reading and playing. I plan to post some more cool stuff about the creation of this game in the future. 
You are absolutely essential. :D
-Brad Kraeling

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Oct 01, 2020

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